CSNE 2017 Fall Specialty Match Report!   

Our match was held Saturday, October 7, 2017, at a beautiful central New England fairgrounds
during prime Fall foliage season.  Attendees enjoyed warm fall weather and we had an enthusiastic turnout!  

Karen Obadowski was our Match Breed judge. She was kind and patient with the inexperienced puppies.  
We had a large entry for our Costume class and very competitive fun classes, plus our Parade of Titleholders and Parade of Veterans.
Congratulations to Jana Rychlik and Pearl on winning Best in Match at the CSNE Specialty Match!

CSNE    2017   “B”  MATCH   WINNERS
You can see the Match photos in our Facebook Gallery.   

BEST ADULT, BEST VETERAN, and BEST IN MATCH, at 13.5 years of age.  “Pearl”, Sherah Stars & Stripes CD, C-CD, RAE, C-RAE, CGC, Delta.  Owned
by Jana Rychlik!

BEST PUPPY  “Ginnie”, Bonitos Companeros Zenta. Owned by Kelli Scanlan

3-6 Month Puppy Dog    “Walker”  owned by Lauren Hoehn (Blenheim)
6-9 Month Puppy Dog   “Reggie”   owned by Russ Coil and Joyce Crommett (Blenheim)
BBE Dog  “Finn” owned by Judy Gates (Blenheim)
Open Dog   “Roamer”  owned by Anne O’Reilly & Annita Broberg (Black and Tan)

3-6 Month Puppy Bitch  “Aida”  owned by Joan Curtiss  (Blenheim)
6-9 Month Puppy Bitch   “Ginnie”. Owned by Kelli Scanlan (Blenheim)
12-18 Month Junior Bitch  “Reba”  owned by Joyce Crommett  (Blenheim)
BBE Bitch  “Bella”  owned by Joyce Crommett (Blenheim)
American Bred Bitch  “Dreamer”  owned by Peggy Kenney  (Tri-Color)
Open Bitch  “Jeannie”  owned by Peggy Kenney  (Black and Tan)
Veteran Bitch  “Pearl”, owned by Jana Rychlik (Tri-Color)

Costume Class  A teeny, tiny, adorable crawling spider “Fieaji”  owned  by Paige Harding  (Ruby)
Longest Ears “Roamer” owned by Anne O’Reilly & Annita Broberg (B&T)
Best Kisser  “Ava Gardner”  owned by Dan and Carrie Larkin   (Ruby)
Best Trick  “Frankie Sinatra” owned by Dan and Carrie Larkin (Blenheim)
Longest Sit  “Frankie Sinatra”  owned by Dan and Carrie Larkin

Parade of Veterans:  “Clare” age 7.5; “Lily”  age 9.5,  “Coffee” age 10.5 and  “Pearl”  age 13.5

One titleholder went ‘round to great applause:  “Lady” owned by Heather Donahue (Blenheim)


Our 2012 Fall Specialty Match and Show-N-Go, held Saturday, October 6, 2012 at the Spencer, MA Fairgrounds, was a fun day for all!

Again we enjoyed a warm, sunny October day surrounded by beautiful New England countryside and foliage! What more could we ask for than a quality
entry, enthusiastic and helpful judges, happy Cavaliers, good sportsmanship, and a day of showing and "talking dogs"? After the match we shared a potluck
lunch. We had a lovely turnout of 28 Cavaliers for our Breed Judge, Nancy Cowley, and Show-N-Go Rally & Obedience Judge, Cheryl Mandeville!

Huge Congratulations to:

Best Puppy and Best in Match: Toraylac Desperado “Wyatt”, owned by Jana Rychlik

Best Adult: Royal Flush Queen of Hearts CD “Maja” owned by Anne O’Reilly and Annita Broberg

Thanks Stephanie for the great Match Photos!

2012 Breed Photos

2012 Costume Class, Etc., Photos

2012 Ringside Photos

CSNE's 2011 Fall Specialty Match was held Saturday October 8 at the Spencer Fairgrounds in conjunction with the Classic Toy Matches.      

We had an entry of 17 in Breed, 4 in Obedience, and more than a dozen in our always competitive costume class. Donna Blews-Pappas judged our
Obedience entry and Tracie Laliberte judged our conformation and fun classes.  Winners and links to photos are below.

Match winners

Best Puppy Dog / Best Puppy / Best in Match:   
Chantismere Chandos, "Seamus", bred by Michael Hegarty & Anne Fitzpatrick, owned by Liz O’Brien.

Best Puppy Bitch/ Best Opposite Sex to Best Puppy:
Licketysplit Painted Lady, "Nanny", bred & owned by Joan Geoghegan.

Best Adult Dog/Best Opposite Sex to Best Adult:  
Millhill Le Tigous, "Rodney", bred by Ellie Mordecai, owned by Jana Rychlik .

Best Adult Bitch/Best Adult:  
Licketysplit Lughnasa, "Luna", bred & owned by Joan Geoghegan

High in Rally Trial:
UCD Piaffe Twist of Fate CD, C-CD, RE, C-RA, "Karma", owned by Cheryl Mandeville

Oldest Veteran:
Aubinwood Crystalkane Spencer, "Spencer", 11 years old, owned by Rick and Debbie Alexander.  

Best Kisser and Best Trick:
Royal Flush Queen of Hearts, CD, "Maja", owned by Anne O’Reilly and Annita Broberg.

Longest ears:
"Henley", owned by Steve and Pam King.

Waggiest Tail:
"Charlie", owned by Lisa Serino.

Longest Sit:
"Trea", owned by Jana Rychlik.

Costume Class:
The Captain & Gilligan, (Smarty & "Sonny),  owned by Sheryl and Ash Skidmore.

2011 Ringside Photos

2011 Costume Class Photos

2011 Fun Class Photos

2011 Breed Winner Photos

10/09/2010 CSNE Fall B Match:

We had 20 entries for breed with the largest entries in the 3-6 month classes. What fun to watch the baby puppies!

2010 ringside candid photos

We love our Cavaliers!    

2010 class judging photos

Our breed judge Judy Gates sorting out the quality entry.   

2010 winner photos

Best Adult in Match and Best in Match: Sheryl & Ash Skidmore's Mileslip Walking on Sunshine, "Maggie", from the Bred-by-Exhibitor Bitch Class.

Best Puppy in Match: Liz O'Brien's Clentview Rhianna, "Hanna", from the 6-9 Puppy Bitch Class.

Best Junior Handler: Dana Fishman with her adorable 3 month old Dancasa Prince Wesley of Wolfpen, "Wesley".

Best in Costume Class was Anne O'Reilly and Anita Broberg's girls, "The Appletinis"!    

10/31/09 CSNE B Match    

Ringside candid photos

We had 28 entries for breed and obedience, and 17 entries in the hotly-contested Costume Class!

2009 Costume Class photos!

1st place & Best Costume was won by "Princess Tri", Nancy Thomas & Janet York's "Gracie", Piccadil High Society.

2009 Obedience Photos!

1st in Novice B and High in Trial was Jana Rychlik with her "Pearl", Sherah Stars and Stripes CD RN.

2009 Breed Photos!

Best in Match and Best Puppy in Match: Liz Keane's Castlekeep Pendragon, from the 3-6 month puppy dog class.

Best Adult and Best Bitch was Liz O'Brien's Charnell Cosima.

Best Dog was Rick and Debbie Alexander's, Crystalkane to the Max.

Older Match Photos

July 12, 2008 CSNE "A" Match -- 071208 A Match Photos

September 29, 2007 CSNE "A" Match -- 092907 A Match Photos

February 24, 2007 CSNE "B" Match -- 022407 B Match Photos

October 28, 2006 CSNE "B" Match -- 102806 B Match Photos

CSNE's 2018 Fall Fun Match Report
CSNE's Fall Fun “B” Match was held on Sunday, September 30, 2018 at the Spencer Fairgrounds in Spencer, MA,
in conjunction with the Associated Toy Breed Club Matches..  

Our judge was Joan Geoghegan, Licketysplit Cavaliers, who had a very nice entry this year.  

It is always fun to see the young puppies attending their first show-like event and getting so much attention from all who attend.  

Breed Winners this year:
Best Puppy in Match and Best in Match:  Crystalkane Justin Time from the 9-12 month puppy dog class owned by Rick and Debbie Alexander

Best Adult in Match:  Streffield Picturesque, owned by Gail Lefferts

Best Veteran in Match:  Trefoil’s Brooksyde Serenade, owned by Anne O’Reilly and Annita Broberg.  

Winning our costume class was Crystalkane Scarlett O’Hara, owned by Rick and Debbie Alexander.

Fun Class Winners:
Longest Ears:  Brooksyde Sentimental Journey
Best Trick (Push-ups!!):  Vineyard Hiacoomes’ Highland Lily at Brooksyde.  
Both of these dogs are owned by Anne O’Reilly and Annita Broberg.  

Our oldest Veteran was HobNob’s Irish Coffee, owned by Peggy Kenny, who is 11 ½ years old.

Thanks to our Match Secretary Anne O'Reilly, and all our members who helped, for another successful Match!  

Match Trophies were possible through the generosity of CSNE members.

You can see the 2018 Match photos in our
Facebook Gallery
CSNE 2019 Fall Sanctioned “B” Specialty Match,
held in conjunction with the Associated Toy Breed Club Matches.

Saturday, October 12, 2019
All toy breeds may also enter the Classic Toy Dog Club Match, so there are two opportunities to show your dogs and puppies!

Download the CSNE Match Flyer

Download the Associated Toy Breed Club Match Flyer

Match Secretary: Anne O’Reilly,  mzsop.agor@gmail.com  
Breed Judge: Pam Deleppo, Cranston RI   

Entries for all matches taken from 9:00 AM
CSNE Breed Judging will start at 10:00 AM,  followed by the Fun Classes.
Individual breed matches will PRECEDE the All-Toy Match which will start after lunch.

$8.00 first entry for Breed
$4.00 for second entry of same dog in Breed
Fun classes $4.00
•        Parade of Titleholders and Parade of Veterans – no entry fee

Dogs with majors welcome.  Champions eligible for Parade of Titleholders only

Location:    Spencer Fairgrounds, 40 Smithville Road, Spencer, Massachusetts
Indoors (unheated) in case of inclement weather.  NEW BUILDING!!!: Agricultural Building next to the bathrooms.

Refreshments Available:    Pot Luck Lunch for all exhibitors at 12:00 PM – Please bring a dish!

Match Trophies through the generosity of CSNE members.

Official Classes Offered:  
Best in Match
Best Adult
Best Puppy

Breed     (separate classes for dogs and bitches)
3-6 puppy
6-9 puppy
9-12 puppy
12-18 month
Bred By
Am Bred

Unofficial Classes/Events
Parade of Veterans (with one prize for the oldest veteran)  
(exhibitors can write a brief summary of dog's age, etc., on an index card)

Parade of Titleholders (exhibitors can write a brief summary on an index card and we can read it aloud for each dog).  

Costume Class and Parade
Longest ears
Best Kisser
Waggiest Tail
Longest Sit (No obedience titled dogs allowed)
Best Trick