I don’t have a Cavalier. Can I bring my dog to the health clinic even though it isn’t a Cavalier?

Response: Yes. The health clinic is open to all breeds. Cavaliers will have priority but we usually have plenty of appointment space available to
accommodate other breeds.

Question: I would like to get my dogs heart checked. What happens if there is indication of a murmur?

Response: The Cardiologist will have a portable Doppler Echo ultrasound and can perform an ultrasound to verify any findings. We try to
schedule the appointments in such a way that there is room to squeeze in an ultrasound appointment if necessary.

Question: Health Clinics may be held on the same weekend as dog shows at The Big-E in West Springfield.  I may be showing my dog but
would still like to make an appointment for my dog at the health clinic. What should I do?

Response: As soon as judging schedules are determined, appointments can be adjusted so that you can show either prior to or after your

Question: Can I pick my appointment time?

Response: All appointments will be scheduled and adherence to that schedule is critical. We try to accommodate special requests when
scheduling appointments. Once an appointment time is scheduled for you, coming at a time other than that scheduled time would disrupt the
established flow which is unfair to those with scheduled appointments, as well as to the doctors. If you run into problems such as traffic and you
do not think that you can make it to the clinic for your appointment time, please call the clinic coordinator. We will do our best to accommodate

Question: What is the appropriate time for me to arrive for my appointment?

Response: Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to an appointment for eyes, so that the eye drops (dilation) can be put into the dogs eyes and all
forms can be completed.

CSNE's 13th Annual All-Breed Spring Health Clinic, held March 25, 2018, was our most successful clinic ever!     The BOD and Health Committee
thank all our members who helped make the 2018 health clinic a success.
We had 83 eye exams, 48 auscultations, 6 Doppler echocardiograms, 14 patella exams,
2 microchips, 20 OFA hip X-rays and 19 OFA elbow X-rays!   
15 of our CSNE members worked all or part of the day.  Thank you everyone!

There were many "boots on the ground" on the day, filling out forms, dispensing eye drops, helping hold dogs for exams,
answering questions, fetching lunches, and cleaning up.
Special mention must be made of Cheryl Mandeville, who received all those applications for appointments, and Anne O'Reilly who did the
scheduling and organizing.
After all expenses are paid, CSNE will again donate a substantial percentage of the appointment fee income to the ACKCSC Charitable Health

Our 12th Annual Spring All-breed Health Clinic, held March 26, 2017 had a great turnout!
The Health Committee would like to thank everyone who helped make the 2017 health clinic a success.
We had 61 eye exams, 51 auscultations, 1 Doppler echocardiogram, 14 patellas, 3 microchips, and 1 blood draw.  
A total of 76 dogs were examined this year!  
After all expenses were paid, CSNE donated a large percentage of the appointment fee income to the ACKCSC Charitable Health Trust.   
Our 2016 Clinic, held April 3, was a success in spite of the weather.   
Members and attendees braved an overnight snowstorm and intermittent snow squalls during the day to come help, do paperwork, or just have
their dogs health tested!  
We had 56 eye exams, 50 cardiac auscultations, 3 cardiac dopplers, 27 patella exams, and 3 microchips.    
Clinic workers’ lunch cost was donated by a member, as were the morning coffee and donuts.  
Thank you all who helped for making this a very successful health clinic.    
Our 2015 Health Clinic, held March 29, had a great turnout!   
We had 61 Eye Exams, 55 Cardiac Auscultations, 9 Echo-cardiograms,  10 microchip implants, and 20 patella exams!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this another successful clinic!  
Our 2014 Health Clinic, held March 30, had a really good turnout as usual!
We had 61 Eye Exams, 43 Cardiac Auscultations, 8 Echo-cardiograms,  10 microchip implants, and 14 patella exams!
Thanks to everyone who helped make this another successful clinic!  
Our 2013 Clinic had a nice turn out with 40 Eye Exams, 40 Heart Auscultations, 10 Cardiac Doppler Echos, 19 Patellas, and 9 Microchip implants.
Our Spring 2012 Health Clinic was another big success.
We had 70 Eye Exams, 51 Heart Auscultations, 10 Cardiac Doppler Echos, 20 Patellas, 13 Thyroid Blood Draws, and 11 Microchip implants.

CSNE's 14th Annual All Breed Health Clinic
will be held Sunday March 24, 2019
at the Suffield Veterinary Hospital, in Suffield, CT

Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M

Location: Suffield Veterinary Hospital, 577 East Street South (Route#159), Suffield, Connecticut 06078  

This is an All-Breed Health Clinic. Heart clinic priority times will be given to Cavaliers;
other breeds will be scheduled for cardiac exams as time permits.   

Eyes (OFA): Dr. Shari Greenberg, DVM, Diplomate ACVO - $40
Heart Auscultation (OFA): Dr. Tai Casagrande, DVM, DACVIM, (Cardiology), - $
OFA Patellae: Dr Ann Huntington - $2
Microchip Implants (includes 1 yr registration): Dr Ann Huntington - $40  

NEW!  Hip or Hip & Elbow X-Rays (OFA): Dr. Ann Huntington – $200 (one price)  
Limited to dogs 80 pounds and under.  Dr Huntington uses light sedation for all X-rays.
If you have any questions about type of sedation, please call Suffield Vet at 860-668-4041 in advance of requesting your appointment.  

No pre-registrations for cardiac ultrasounds.  
At the cardiologist’s recommendation, and as time permits, there will be ultrasounds offered at a cost of $

Pre-Registration (Required) Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2019   

Download the
Clinic Flyer and Appointment Request in PDF format.   

Contact Information: Cheryl Mandeville at