CSNE Annual Awards of Achievement

CSNE 2023 Annual Awards were held on April 24, 2024 at Oxford's Casual Dining, Oxford, MA

We had a great turnout at the restaurant, celebrating our members' dogs' achievements and milestones:
Dogs who have achieved AKC titles in 2023
Dogs who reached their 12th birthday during 2023
Dogs who passed during 2023



CH Infinidad Irish Rose (Kelly) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE: AKC Champion 6/16/2023

GCH CH Infinidad Celtic Knot TKI CGCA FITB (Danny) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE:  TKI 3/5/2023, CGC 3/18/2023, FITB 10/25/2023, CGCA 11/4/2023

Orchard Hill All In Good Time FITB TKN (Stealth) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE:  FIT 12/7/2023, TKN 12/10/2023

Infinidad Peanut Butter Box TKI ATT FITS (Biscuit) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE: TKN 7/28/2023, FITB 9/26/2023, FITS 10/20/2023, ATT 10/28/2023, TKI 12/27/2023

GCH CH Infinidad Velvet Box TKI FITB (Velvet) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE:  GCH 8/19/2023, FITB 12/3/2023

GCHB CH Borys Dobry Rok THD CGC TKN RN FITB (Borys) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
TITLE:  THD 5/23/2023, FITB 10/05/2023

GCHS CH Swishthrees Mommaluvs TCM Stewdios CGC TKN OWNER: Heather Donahue
TITLE: CGC TKN 5/3/2023

GCH CH Piccadils with Flying Colours AX AXJ CGC (Flash) OWNER: Peggy & Gil Clark
TITLE: CGC 3/11/2023

Howlinwinds Some Enchanted Evening MXP MJP (Evie) OWNER: Peggy & Gil Clark
TITLE: MXP 3/18/2023, MJP 4/22/2023

CH Sherah Twist of Fate (Pierre) OWNER: Joyce Crommett
TITLE: AKC Champion 9/28/2023

Dancasa Madison Avenue NTG (Madison) OWNER: Katherine Tiedemann
TITLE: NTG 7/2023

CH Streffield Changeup NA NAJ CGC TKN (Coach) OWNER: Gail Lefferts
TITLE: AKC Champion 5/26/2023, CGC & NTK 7/15/2023, NA & NAJ 7/22/2023

RACH Chadwick Hello Gorgeous CD BN RM3 RAE2 AX OAJ (Monet) OWNER: Cheryl Mandeville
TITLE: RACH 7/30/2023 RM3 8/18/2023
Note: Monet is only the 10th Cavalier to earn a Rally Championship and then a Rally Master 3.

CH Chadwick Baccarat of Ceilimor  (Vesper) OWNER: Breda McCarty & Anne Eckersley
TITLE: AKC Champion 8/6/2023

CH Tibbedon Summer Breeze  (Lovey)   OWNER: Edith Tibbetts
TITLE: AKC Champion   10/21/2023

13 CLUB:

CH Infinidad Grandville Te Amo TKN (Paul) OWNER: Dr. Tracie Laliberte
DOB: 5/20/2011

Island Sound Beach Rose (Maya) OWNER: Lauren Hoehn
DOB: 5/3/2011

Crystalkane Dream Maker (Brady) OWNER: Rick & Debbie Alexander
DOB: 1/21/2011

Crystalkane Valentine (Tallulah) OWNER: Rick & Debbie Alexander
DOB: 9/16/2011

Crystalkane Pandora's Secret (Pandora) OWNER: Rick & Debbie Alexander
DOB: 9/16/2011

Aubinwood Glowing Ember at Streffield OA AXJ NF (Ember) OWNER: Gail Lefferts & Joan Gibson
DOB: 10/15/2011


MACH Trefoils Bewitched (Sammie) OWNER: Fiona McIntosh
DOB/DOD: 10/22/2012 - 9/1/2023
Finished MACH title in 2023 also.

PACH Bolynn Sweet Home Alabama AX AXJ MXP3 MXPB MJP3 MJPB PAX (Toby)   OWNER: Peggy and Gil Clark
DOB/DOD: 4/12/2012 - 2/27/2023

GCH Isleposea Whisk Me Away (Lark) OWNER: Lauren Hoehn
DOB/DOD: 7/5/2019 - 9/23/2023