CSNE Ethical Guidelines

CSNE recognizes its and its members responsibility to preserve and protect the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It further recognizes that the quality and reputation of the breed rests squarely in the hands of its breeders and owners. These are guidelines for how CSNE, its members and breeders conduct themselves as they pursue their hobby of owning, showing and/or breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. The purpose is not to punish a member for his or her conduct, but to point the way towards responsible, caring ownership, exhibiting and breeding. Membership in CSNE assumes acceptance of and adherence to these guidelines.

I. Breeding:

I understand that the purpose of breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniels is to bring the natural qualities of the breed to perfection in accordance with the AKC-approved breed standard. A constant danger exists that unintentionally ignorant or disreputable breeders may, by improper practices, produce physically, mentally or temperamentally unsound specimens to the detriment of the breed. I agree to consult with the breeder of the dog I own and/or with some other experienced breeder/mentor before I undertake any breeding.

A. If I do decide to breed a litter, I will:

1. Be selective with respect to the conformation, physical well-being and temperament of the pair to be mated.
2. Breed only after careful study is undertaken of the Cavalier breed standard as it applies to the pedigrees of the mating pair.
3. Breed only Cavaliers whose offspring are registrable with the American Kennel Club (AKC).
4. Be prepared to provide proper care for both the bitch and her litter and to retain the puppies for as long as it takes to find suitable homes.
5. Not breed from any Cavalier known to have inheritable, disqualifying, disabling, or potentially disabling health defects. [Note: Screening for inherited diseases and health defects is strongly recommended by CSNE, including, but not limited to, eyes, heart, patellae, hips, episodic falling, degenerative myelopathy, curly coat/dry eye, and syringomyelia.] 3. Not breed a Cavalier that the breeder has "limited" its breeding via the AKC registration unless the restriction is revoked via proper channels with the AKC.

B. As the owner of a stud dog:

1. I will use my dog only with bitches that I feel are an asset to the breed and whose owners agree to conform to these Ethical Guidelines.
2. I will check the bitch's pedigree and registration certificate to ascertain ownership, age, and breeding restrictions.
3. I will supply a Stud Service Certificate listing the dates of mating and terms of service.
4. I will assist the owner of the bitch with the placement of any puppies resulting from the use of my stud dog understanding that I am equally responsible for the resulting puppies.
5. I will provide one free return stud service to the same dog for a bitch that has failed to conceive or to whelp a viable litter as long as the dog is still in my ownership.

C. As the owner of a bitch:

1. I will not breed a bitch before she is two years old and not breed a bitch who has reached her eighth birthday.
2. I will not allow a bitch to whelp more than two litters during any three consecutive heat cycles.
3. I will not allow a bitch to carry to term and rear more than FOUR litters in her lifetime.

II. Care and Transfer of Puppies and Dogs:

A. I will provide all puppies I sell proper veterinary and home care, which includes:

1. A properly balanced, nutritional diet.
2. Proper and safe worming procedures for internal and external parasites so that all puppies and adult dogs remain free of parasites.
3. Proper inoculation protocols must be followed to ensure the health of the puppy or adult dog.

B. If a veterinarian or other medical professional determines that a puppy needs to be euthanized, I will have this euthanization performed humanely by a veterinarian or other medical professional.

C. I will do my best to evaluate my breeding Cavaliers objectively and use for breeding only those conforming as closely as possible to the AKC breed standard. Any Cavaliers I breed and sell as pet quality will be transferred with "limited" (non-breeding) AKC registration, and if to be neutered or spayed, this surgery should be performed no earlier than twelve months of age.

D. I will undertake, to the best of my ability, proper screening procedures for potential new owners. I will attempt to determine their suitability and motives for acquiring a Cavalier. I will make an effort to determine their financial suitability to undertake financial commitment for the proper care of the dog. I will undertake to ensure that it is a stable family situation with adequate physical facilities for the dog.

E. I will not allow any puppy to leave for its new home before the age of ten weeks although twelve weeks is suggested.

F. I will ensure that each dog transferred from my household is accompanied by the following documentation:

1. Feeding instructions.
2. Written medical records including immunizations, types of vaccines used, date(s) of inoculations, and date(s) of worming, if any.
3. A pedigree showing at least three generations.
4. A current health certificate signed by my veterinarian.
5. A written contract signed by both parties delineating the terms of sale.
6. AKC registration papers.

H. I will encourage all new owners to have their Cavaliers checked by a veterinarian within 72 hours from the time of acquisition and notify me of the findings. I will take the puppy back with a full refund if the puppy is deemed unhealthy by the vet at this 72-hour check and has not been injured or sickened by his new owner(s).

I. I will encourage all new owners to keep me informed concerning the development of any Cavalier obtained from me, and to advise me of any problems that may develop during its lifetime, as well as the eventual cause of death. I will be willing to mentor the owners of my puppy for the balance of his life.

J. I will ask the owner(s) of any dog acquired from me to advise me if they are ever unable to keep their Cavalier, so that I can either take the dog back or give assistance in finding it a new home.

II. General Conduct of Members:
I will remember at all times that the CSNE exists as an AKC affiliate to protect and improve the Cavalier and that as a member, my actions reflect on the Club and the breed.

A. I will:

1. Attempt to act as a mentor and try to educate each new owner or interested person in a positive and constructive manner.
2. Demonstrate good sportsmanship both inside and outside the show ring.
3. Behave in a manner that will be conducive to the advancement of the Cavalier and the CSNE.
4. Provide my dog(s) with adequate exercise, proper diet, veterinary health care, proper housing, exercise, food, water, house breaking, training, and sanitary conditions.
5. If a veterinarian or other medical professional determines that a dog needs to be euthanized, I will have this euthanization performed humanely by a veterinarian or other medical professional.
6. Consider permanent identification of all dogs (as required by AKC) using a currently acceptable method. CSNE strongly recommends that all dogs be permanently identified usually via microchip.
7. Do appropriate screening on all breeding stock and puppies I sell.

B. I will not:

1. Knowingly falsify a pedigree, health screening or breeding information.
2. Sell Cavaliers to pet shops, brokers, or third-party dealers.
3. Supply or sell Cavaliers for auctions, raffles, flea markets, or any other such enterprise.
4. Knowingly sell to unethical breeders or sell to persons whose intention is resale.
5. Cross-breed Cavaliers to create designer dog breeds or knowingly sell Cavaliers to a designer dog breeder.
6. Purchase any Cavalier or any litter for resale either to an individual or a commercial establishment.
7. Maliciously or falsely denigrate another member, their Cavaliers, kennel, or practices.

C. In all questions of ethics not covered by these Ethical Guidelines, I will act in the best interest of the breed at all times.

D. As a CSNE member, I will not condone any abusive behavior towards Cavaliers.

E. I will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed or any given dog, falsely advertise dogs or falsely mislead in advertisements.

F. When I exhibit my Cavalier(s), I will be considerate of all other exhibitors and their dogs, remembering that I, as well as my Cavalier, represent our breed and the CSNE. I will abide by all AKC rules and regulations.

IV. Exceptions:
Legitimate exceptions to these Ethical Guidelines may arise. In such cases, any member may request that the Officers and Board of Directors of the CSNE review the problem.

All current CSNE members acknowledge that they have read and understand these guidelines. All new applicants for membership are asked to read and acknowledge their understanding of these guidelines on their membership application.

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