Health Clinic

CSNE's 18th Annual Health Clinic was held on Sunday, March 24, 2024 from 8 AM to 4 PM at the Suffield Veterinary Hospital in Suffield, CT.

Huge thanks to our on-site volunteers who assisted with moving clients from check-in through the many steps to completion of all their appointments, enabling the clinic to run smoothly.  And finally, the clean up crew who helps to put the clinic back in order!

The Health Committee consisted of Gail Lefferts, Chair, and Cathy Coffman, Co-chair, plus their team of wonderful volunteers who enabled the clinic to run smoothly and efficiently:  Cheryl Mandeville, Allison Zorba, Lara Obadowski, Cara Obadowski, Karen Obadowski, Justine Marsh, Joan Geoghegan, Rick Alexander, John Obermeier, Mary Goss, Erin Seymour, Fiona McIntosh, Breda McCarty, Katie & Lily McMenimen, Joyce Crommett, Stephanie Abraham, Sheryl Skidmore, Anne O'Reilly, Anne Peterson and Peggy Kenney.

Thanks to our ophthalmologist Shari Greenberg DVM, Diplomate ACVO; our cardiologist Dr. Julia Treseder, MS, DVM, DACVIM, and Ann Huntington DVM, for kindly providing her hospital in addition to performing radiographs and patella exams as well as doing the microchip insertions. We thank them for their willingness to bring their professionalism to our Health Clinic.

We had a total of 99 dogs participate:
72 eye exams, 55 cardiac auscultations, 1 echocardiogram, 25 hip/elbow radiographs, 22 patella exams, and 4 microchip implants.

Well done, CSNE!